Thursday, March 11, 2010

My PCOS Story

 I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 years.  I finally decided that I needed to go see a specialist to find out why I hadn't had a period in 8 years.   My periods were never regular.  But, this was the longest I had ever gone without one.  I went to see the doctor and he told me that I had PCOS.  He drew pictures to explain to me what was going on with my body.  I was so glad to finally find out what was wrong with me.  He put me on Progesterone and Clomid.   I took the Progesterone to make me start my period.  Then, I took the Clomid to make me ovulate.  But, it never did.   I did 5 rounds of that med combination.  My husband(at the time) started to hate what he called "sex on demand".  I had cysts removed from my ovaries via laproscopic surgery.  I had the test ran where they inject dye into your tubes to see if there is a blockage.  Our insurance didn't cover fertility drugs.  It just got too expensive for us to continue.  So, we stopped trying.  My doctor told me to come back if I decided I wanted to try again.  So, I just assumed I would never have kids.  He never told me that losing weight would help and he never mentioned Metformin. 

Well, my husband (at the time) and I started having marital problems and ended up divorcing. During my divorced  years, I lost 45 lbs.   Fast forward to 2004.  I married my current husband.   Three months after we were married... I got pregnant.  You can imagine my surprise!  I had taken MANY pg tests over the years and never got a positive until then.  I had a wonderful pregnancy.  I ended up with pre-eclampsia in the last month.  So, I was induced and my son was born 3 weeks early.  He was almost 8 lbs.  lol.  He was a big boy and he was perfect.  He is now 4... will be 5 in June.  I am so blessed to have a child.  I know that the weight loss was the key to being able to conceive.  Of course my husband thinks that he was the missing ingredient in the years before.  lol.  He may be right. 

I recently went to a new doctor who did more blood work on me.  She put me on Metformin.  I am really trying to follow a PCOS friendly diet.  I am cutting out junk food and sugar.  I want to get healthy.  I don't want to end up with heart disease or diabetes.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my story.  Women with PCOS can conceive.  They can be mothers.  I had given up hope.  But, God had other plans.  I am so thankful that he did.

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Aging Mommy said...

Hi there - thanks for checking out my blog and following. I just read this story and had to tell you about my sister. She was diagnosed with PCOS at 30 when she had started trying for a baby - she can go 6 months or more without having a period. She was told she was unlikely to get pregnant. Well she did, and had a little boy. After he was born she was told by her doctors that it was VERY unlikely she would have another child, so she did not bother with birth control and 13 months later had her second son. She now has four these doctors should never say never when it comes to PCOS. My sister now knows many other PCOS sufferers for whom this is true. I am so glad you managed to have your son - you did extremely well at 45! I'm an older first time Mom too - looking forward to getting to know you


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