Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 1: Counting Calories

 I started counting calories today.  I have done well.  I used up all of my calories and am not feeling hungry.  The hard part will be fighting off the urge to eat later tonight.  I think that I will do a better job of spreading my calories out tomorrow so that I can have some fruit for snack at night. 

American Idol is about to come on.... I will be back tomorrow.

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cmoursler said...

I always have a huuuuuge dinner.
I have issues with feeling at all hungry before I go to bed.
I would rather go hungry through the afternoon then go to bed hungry...so I eat a really light lunch and then pack in the dinner...around 600 to 700 calories.
Another thing that really helps me is to drink a diet coke about an hour before bed.
It makes me feel full.
Keep it up, you are doing great....the first few weeks are the hardest.