Monday, April 5, 2010

Am I a Food Addict?

Before I started this weight loss journey my answer to that question would have been... "absolutely not."  But, since doing some soul searching and reading other weight loss blogs...I have started to ask myself if it is possible that I am a food addict.  I have always considered myself an emotional eater.  I eat when I am upset.  I eat when I am happy.  I eat when I am sad.   I eat when I am afraid.  Basically, I eat all of the time.  But, an addict?   That sounds so, you know...bad.   When I think about an addict, the first thing that comes to mind is drugs.  A drug addict has to have their drugs.  We all have to have food.  Don't we?  So, how could a person be addicted to food if it is something that our body needs?  I was asking myself all of these questions.  Then, I looked up the definition of  "food addict".  Here is what I found.

A food addiction is any disorder characterized by a preoccupation with food. Among the disorders associated with food addiction are anorexia, bulimia, and compulsive eating. Food addicts gain pleasure from the anticipation, availability, and ingestion of food.

Food addicts can also be obsessed with the amount of food they eat, with body weight, and image. There are times when a food addict will not even realize that they are addicted to food. To them, it is a way of life and not a problem. It is only in intervention from family and friends that the food addict will be able to admit to themselves they have a problem.

  I also found some symptoms of food addiction...

Food Addiction Symptoms

If you suspect you or someone you know of having a food addiction, here are some early warning signs for you to look for to help you with early detection of food addiction.

Obsessed with thoughts about food.

Eats to relieve worry or stress.

Eats until they feel sick.

Feels anxious while eating.

Worries or feels anxious while eating which results in more eating.

Overeats because the food is there.

Eats too fast so they can eat more.

Eats everything on the plate even when they feel full.

Feels guilty when they overeat.

Hides food so they can eat in secret away from other people.

Goes on a food binge after dieting or after trying to cut back.

Does not like the feeling of being hungry.

Sees food as something to be avoided or as harmful

HELLO! That is me in a nutshell!  I AM A FOOD ADDICT!  It's crazy...but, knowing that I am a food addict seems to help me understand what I have been going through.  Does that make any sense?  Yes, I am an emotional eater.  That is a symptom of a food addict.  I feel like my eyes have finally been opened.  Now, I just have to find out what to do about my addiction.  I feel good about my recent weight loss.  Coutning calories has made me feel like I am doing something positive for myself.  I just need to figure out what do do with my new found realization that I am an addict.  More soul searching and research is needed.  But, I feel like I am on the right track.


cmoursler said...

well, what I do is call the candy and snack aisle 'crack alley'.
I am a food addict.
Counting calories is the single best way to get a handle on it.
Don't think I will ever not is my 'drug' of my logical mind has to put limits on my emotional eating.
You will figure out what works best for you...knowing is half the battle.

Kim said...

Yeah, coming to terms with food addiction can be hard, but at the same time it's a great thing b/c we're looking at ourselves hard and being honest. Kudos to you! You'll get through it. I read back at your other entries to catch up and I have to say, you are opening up like a beautiful flower. You're thinking about things, tweaking things, and it looks like you are really utilizing blogging as a tool and enjoying it. I'm so happy for you. :) Congrats on the weight loss by the way! Now...I've gotta go work on mine. hehe

R.P said...

That's me in a nut shell as well! :-) Have to fight this damn thing!

Tammy said...

I think the first line of my very first post on my blog was, "Hello. My name is Tammy and I'm a foodaholic." lol

It's tough to realize it, and admit to it. But that has to happen before you can jump on the road to recovery. Taking it off isn't the hard part...believe it or not. It's keeping it off that's tough....there are a lot of mental exercises and lessons to be learned along this road. I'm glad you're on the road to recovery! :)

AGirlWorthLosing said...

I am right there with you. I hated the term food addict and considered myself an emotional eater, however often times emotional eaters are a type of food addict.

Blast all these food demons!

Thanks for writing about this and bring it to light.


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