Monday, April 19, 2010

Food Log~ April 19, 2010


B~Kelloggs mini wheats= 298

S~ Kelloggs mini wheats= 298

L~ mushroom soup and grilled cheese sandwich= 400

D~  2 hot dogs with cheese= 560

S~ 3 chicken nuggets = 135

Total~ 1691

I hope everyone had a good Monday.  Mine was busy.  I had lots of rooms to clean today.  But, the upside is that I got lots of exercise.  lol.  My back, legs and feet hurt after work today.  I had to take some advil.  Needless to say, I got a workout.  My calories were under control today.  I had a yummy lunch.  Mushroom soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.  So satisfying.  Tomorrow is one of my days off.  That is when I struggle to keep my calories in check.  It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, so after school is over...I am planning on taking Joshua outside to ride his bike.  He rides...I walk.  lol.  And that kid can ride a long time.  The other day he rode for 90 mins. I was walking right beside him.  And he was going faster and faster to see if I could keep up with him.  lol.  And I did!  That's fun for us.  I still need to get to the grocery store.  Maybe I can do that tomorrow evening.  We'll see.  Have a great night!

FYI:  Food Network is EVIL!  lol.  They make the best looking stuff on there. I got to change it.  BYE!


Tammy said...

I can't watch any of the food sends me running to the kitchen or the grocery store to buy and eat lots of yummy stuff...and it never ends up being as good as what they have on TV anyway...just makes me fatter, and thus....more pissed off, lol.

Shae said...


cmoursler said...

good job on getting your calories under control. It's good that your going to get some exercise. It really keeps my appetite under control when I do.
I don't have tv. When I did I used to watch paula's home cooking.
I gained weight watching. lol

Kim said...

Hey, where'd ya go? lol. I got caught up commenting on other peoples' blogs and writing and didn't realize I haven't seen a post from you over the past few days. You ok? It sounds like you're doing great. I hope all is well. :)


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