Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Food Log for Tuesday~ March 30, 2010


Rice Krispies Cereal  150
Garelick 2% Milk  65

Chicken Parm. Dinner 490
White Sub Roll  190

Triscuits 120
Dip 30

HEB Fully Cooked Shredded Pork Roast With Bbq Sauce  210 
Del Monte Summer Crisp Golden Sweet Corn  70 
Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice Herb Roasted Chicken  190 

Ff Yogurt  130 
Drake's Sunny Doodles  105

Total: 1750

I have been using The Daily Plate to log my food.  I like it.  But, I think the recommended calorie amount for me is a bit high.  They recommend 2,016 calories.  I eat less on the days that I don't work.  I am trying to get my calories down to around 1600.  I don't want to go too low.  But, I still want to lose. lol.  I guess I am going to have to play with my calories and see what works for me.

I can see little signs that tell me that I am losing weight.  For one, I don't feel like I swallowed a watermelon anymore.  I don't have that bloated feeling.  I also can tell a difference in the way my clothes fit.  I wore a pair of jeans today that used to be so tight that I had trouble bending over or sitting down when I wore them.  Today, they were actually comfortable.  I can't wait until weigh in on Sunday.  I feel thinner! ;)  

So, I have been logging my food for a week or so now.  I think I have got that down.  Now I am working on doing some soul searching.  I need to figure out where I am emotionally right now.  I feel good because I am being proactive about my weight problem.  But, I still feel something else...I'm not really sure what it is.  It's a sort of a fearful, anxious and excited feeling.  I know that sounds totally crazy.  I just don't know what to call it.  Yet.  I think blogging about it will help me start to figure it out.

 I'm not a, please forgive me for any grammer problems.  I have been sort of scared to just blog about how I feel.  I read some really well written blogs and, they are so good.  But, I finally decided today that this is my blog.  I need to use it for me.  And not be afraid of being "graded" on my writing abilities or the lack there of. 

So, to my current followers (and any there may be in the future)..."thanks for bearing with me."


Banded Girl said...

The soul searching and emotional check-ins are the hardest part of all of this, I think. Becoming more self-aware is hard :)

Your writing is fine! My gosh, don't even worry about it!

Shae said...

Thanks, Banded Girl. :)

Tammy said...

I, too, am a PCOS sufferer....totally sucks, doesn't it? lol A little more challenging for losing weight but WE CAN DO IT!!! I'm hosting a challenge on my blog that I will post about tomorrow along with my crappy weigh-in. If you're interested in a jump start and a really cheesy souvenir from my Panama City Beach trip as a reward for winning, then hop on over tomorrow morning and check it out!! :)

AGirlWorthLosing said...

Excited to watch your journey. I also suffer from PCOS. I am in my millionth attempt to lose the weight. Glad we can do it together.


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