Monday, March 15, 2010

Moody Monday

I have been extra moody today.  I am I can blame some of it on menopause.  Then, there is the PCOS hormonal excuse.  Not really sure what's going on.  I have been angry one minute and just about to cry the next.  Maybe a good word for it is "emotional".  I don't know if Metformin causes mood swings or not.  I will have to research that. 

I ate way off plan today.  Dh cooked fried catfish and french fries.  I have to say that I did have a salad with it.  It was good, but I have got to get back on plan tomorrow. We also have to go grocery shopping soon.  I am out of fresh veggies and fruit. 

I need to figure out how to post a ticker on here so I can show my weight loss and how much more I have to go.   I am gonna spend tomorrow on that.  It is almost 2 am here.  I gotta get in bed.  Very sleepy...

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Kim said...

I go through the whole moody thing w/ PCOS too...I really think it's just the hormones kicking in for me. I hope we get to feeling better. :) I can't stand being a grumpy rump.