Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Shouldn't Be So Hard...

I am seriously struggling!  I am having intense cravings and have given into some of them.  Why is this so hard for me??  I see all of you who have lost so much weight.  I know that it wasn't easy for any of you.  But, I told myself in the beginning that if you guys could do it...I could too.  But, I am so mad at myself.  I lost weight in the beginning.  But, I have gained 5 lbs back.  I don't want to be fat for the rest of my life.   I am just having a hard time...

Friday, July 23, 2010


Just wanted to drop in and say : I'm still here!  Just trying to find balance in my life.  I have been reading blogs...just not posting.  I will try to post more. :)

Thanks to those of you who have inquired about my well being.  It's nice to be missed. 


Results from the 24 Day JumpStart...8 lbs and 5.5 overall inches lost.