Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, I have been avoiding this blog like the plague.  I have been feeling guilty.  I have had bad eating days for three days in a row.  I didn't pig out...I just ate over my calories.  I feel so FAT today.  I am bloated and I just feel rotten.  I tried to get back on track yesterday.  Then, I tried to get back on track today.  I haven't been able to get my mind back on track.  What is wrong?  I lost 3 lbs. last week.  I was so psyched.  Monday...I ate good.  Then, Tuesday rolled around and I was STARVING!  It has been like that yesterday and today, too.  I am craving tomato sauce.  Something savory and saucy.  Maybe I am going to have a visit from AF soon.  I have been taking metformin for a while now and it is supposed to help in that area.  I have been having horrible mood swings and headaches, too.

Anyway...they say confession is good for the soul.  Maybe I just need to "come clean" before I can forgive myself and move on.  I hate this downward spiral.  It's like I can't allow myself to mess up.  I punish myself.  Crazy, huh?

Okay... I have confessed.  I must admit... I do feel a bit better.  The next couple of days are going to be difficult.  Now that I have screwed up...I need to have a long talk with myself.  I have worth.  I am capable of getting healthy.  I NEED to get healthy.  

I hope I can move forward tomorrow.  I don't need any more days of bad choices.


Banded Girl said...

Dust yourself off and start again :) It's not over until you give up, and you haven't given up yet!

And confession is good for the soul. Good for you!

R.P said...

Like you said on my post, "we CAN do this! WE HAVE TO DO THIS!" Let's do it Shae. Kick PCOS ass!

Kim said...

It's ok Shae. :) You're gonna get nothing but support from the people who are following you. If it makes you feel better I've had a crappy week too. It's not that I've done terrible's just I haven't been doing as good as I was doing. I think I'm going to look back at my days when I did good and make those my menu plan for a little while. Let's scratch these bad days out and start fresh...we can do this! :)

cmoursler said...

You start over now.
And let yesterday go.
No guilt.
no shame.
Just crumple it up and bank shot these last few days into the dust bin of history.
Are you eating foods you like?
Are you doing exercise you enjoy?
These are things I made sure I did this time.
I knew If I didn't..then it would be very hard to stick with.
You have to do things you enjoy and can live with.
Cause it isn't about the next few's about the rest of your life.
here's to tomorrow.

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

It sure sounds like AF is going to pay a call- and most likely in about a week. When our bodies start "behaving" like normal women we also get to deal with the normal hormonally based triggers and changes, but because we do not deal with them every month as a rule, the hormone stew hits kind of hard and blindsides us. It's a learning process. Don't dwell on what has been done, for it cannot change. Instead just focus on right now- this moment, this bite, this choice, and you will learn to operate your very own body through this. No shame in falling off the horse- only in failing to get back on from a fall !

Kim said...

I really like what the lady above me said...b/c it's so true about the hormonal stew hitting us hard and blindsiding us. I'm so happy you are getting even more followers and more support. :)