Thursday, January 6, 2011

Weigh In Day...

Since I am working weigh in schedule has gotten messed up.  I used to weigh in about mid morning.  That has traditionally been my lowest weight of the day.  lol.  Now, that I am getting home around 7:30 am... I keep forgetting to weigh in before going to sleep.  Same thing with taking my meds.  I have to take one before bed.  I keep forgetting to take it in the morning before bed.  lol.

Anyway... I was off from work last night.  So, I went ahead and weighed in this morning.  I am down 1 lb.  207 is the official number.  Not breaking any speed records...but, losing just the same.  I have been eating a bit more lately.  I have been so hungry!  I haven't been eating at work.  And then when I get home.... I over eat.  I have to find something to take to work that I would like to eat.  I hate to eat anything heavy because after lunch... I still have 4 hours to work.  And those are the busiest 4 hours.  Very physical.  I had been taking a bumble bee tuna and crackers kit.  But, I got burned out on those.  Well, I will have to check at the store today.  I work again tonight.... so, I have to find something good to eat. 

I have upped my water consumption lately.  I need more to keep things moving in the digestion area.  I drink a lot of it at work.  We are allowed to keep water with us at all times.  The only problem is that I keep having to take a break and go to the bathroom.  lol. 

Have a great day!


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