Monday, January 31, 2011

New Scale

I got my new scale on Friday.  I love it.  So far, it has been my friend.  lol.  I weigh 3 lbs less than I thought I did.  My official weigh in isn't until Friday.  So, I won't post my weight now.  I am loving PointsPlus.  I also like WW online.  It makes it so easy to track my food and points.  I am eating foods that are so much better for me.  Veggies, fruit and lean protein.  I am eating more "good for me carbs" and less processed foods.  I really think I made a good choice when I decided to sign up for Weight Watchers.  There are so many good recipes all over the internet that are low in points. 

I bought a new pair of shorts for summer today.  lol.  They were on the clearance rack.  I got them a size smaller than I am wearing now.  I only paid $3 for them.  They fit....snugly.  I am gonna be able to wear them comfortably by summer.  Or maybe earlier.  ;)  I am bloated right now.  It's almost "that time of the month."  UGH!  Bloated and moody.  Being a woman isn't as easy as it looks.  lol.

We got our income tax refund back last Thursday.  I bought a food scale, a weight scale, measuring cups, measuring spoons and a 3 month sub. to ww online.  I am not going to be guessing about the amount of food I am eating.  Joshua needed clothes.  So, we got him fixed up.   He is  growing like a weed. 

I am off the next 2 nights.  Thank goodness!  I am pooped!

Talk to you all later,

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