Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

Well, I managed to lose 32 lbs. last year.(see previous post).  I am hoping to at least match that this year.  I know that I am much more active than I was last year at this time.  I am getting out more and meeting people.  Which is big for me.  I have a sort of phobia when it comes to meeting people.  Kind of like a social phobia.  I have a fear of what people think of me.  I think that goes back to my childhood.  (doesn't everything??)  I was overweight in school and kids made fun of me.  It's sad that I can't leave that behind now that I have progressed into adulthood.  But, it still haunts me.  I know it sounds trivial.  But, kids can be cruel.  Anyway, I am now working out in the public and am starting to come out of my shell.  My husband said that I seem like a different person.  lol.

I have to work tonight and should be asleep now....but, I am wide awake for some reason.  I am gonna be wishing I could have slept this morning when it comes time to go to work tonight.  UGH!

Did anyone make a resolution this year?  I made a resolution to not make a resolution about losing weight.  I do that every year.  I know a lot of  people do.   I want to try something different this year.  My resolution is to  BE HAPPY!  I am going to focus on being positive and serene this year.  I have let too much stress get to me.  I stress out about the smallest things.  And I fail to see the positive side of things until long after I have pointed out all of the negative aspects.  It's a bad habit and I need to break it. 

Well, guess I will head to bed.  My weigh in is Thursday.  I will check back in then.


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