Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Isn't Always Good!

I have a hard time passing up free stuff.  lol.  I have always had the mindset that if it's can't be wrong.  Well...I have started changing my mind lately.  I was browsing through an online freebie site a few weeks ago.  (Before I had decided to start WW)  And I came upon an offer for free Atkins bars.  So, I signed up for them.  I am not following the Atkins's too restrictive for me.  But, if it works for others...good.  Anyway...I just got the bars because they were free.  lol.  So, they came in the mail yesterday. There were 3 of them.   Each one of them was around 280 calories.  One of them would leave me hungry.  All three of them might fill me up.  That would be 840 calories for just one meal.  And when it came to the PointsPlus value of them... all three of them would have been 24 points.  I only get 29 a DAY!  lol.  I say all of this to make this point.  WW has really opened my eyes to making better choices.  Something about the points is easier for me than counting calories alone.  I am still keeping my calories journaled.  I am still eating within the healthy guidelines.  I just have an easier time now that I have included the WW points.  I guess we all have the things that work for us. 

I still like free stuff....but, I think I have learned my lesson about free always being good.  lol.  I will think twice before signing up for free food offers.  :)

Have a great day!

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