Tuesday, January 4, 2011

STRESSED?? I Know I am!

I found this article helpful.   I am guilty of emotional eating....  Thought I would share this with my fellow bloggers who may have the same issues.

Emotional Stress and Weight Loss - Emotional Stress and Its Effect on Weight Loss?

Author: AlexS88

Have you been aware of your daily chorus after a bad day at office? Have you caught yourself eating too much after a stressful day of work?
If not the next time you are under heavy stress, just be aware of your eating patterns when you are having lunch or dinner. If you do that you will catch your self binge eating or eating more than normal at lunch or dinner. This is the normal pattern when some one is under stress.
Did you ever bother to check why you are eating so much when under duress? This is a major bottleneck in our efforts of losing weight. We want to lose extra pounds and get that lean body that we all are longing for, and thereby increase our self confidence and self esteem, but here we are doing just the opposite when we are faced with a problem.
So, why do we eat so much when facing a problem? The main reason is that we are afraid to feel our negative feelings. So in order to avoid feeling the painful feelings we cover it up with food. Some times it can be alcohol or even sex. We are fearful of feeling our negative feelings fully.
If we are to get rid of this bad habit pattern, we must learn to be aware of our feelings all the time. Contrary to popular notion, feeling our feelings fully are a tremendous way of releasing the negative charge it has on our life. The more, we are willing to feel our feelings, the more we are open to healing ourselves emotionally. So the next time, be aware of your feelings before you eat.
Practice waiting for some time, about 20-30 minutes before you eat, when you are under stress. Try as much as possible to see how you feel before having lunch or dinner.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/weight-loss-articles/emotional-stress-and-weight-loss-emotional-stress-and-its-effect-on-weight-loss-1775412.html
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The best way to deal with stress is to feel your feelings fully and drink water as much as possible when under stress. This will keep you from over eating while under duress. For more on Stress and Weight LossCLICK HERE

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