Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving Forward And Letting Go...

First of all...I want to say "thanks" to those who commented on my last post.  I didn't realize how much I needed to "know" that I didn't do anything wrong.  Just reading all of the comments really helped me get past that experience.  I am now ready to move forward and let go of all feelings that I was having.  Creepy Psycho Man can kiss off!  I'm not letting him ruin what I have worked so hard for.

I went to the dr. today for my 3 month check up.  I was leary of the scale.  It hasn't been my friend for many years.  But, I am happy to say that today it was nice to me.  I am down 16 lbs from my last visit.  I know I am not losing at lightning speed...but, Heck I am losing!  My dr. was so happy.  I still have a ways to go...but, today was a big motivation for me to keep keeping on.  I go have follow up blood work done on Tuesday of next week.  I hope to see better #'s than I saw 3 months ago.

My baby will be 5 on the 16th of this month.  I am freaking out.  He is getting so big!  And he is super smart.  He can pick up the newspaper and read the headlines to us.  lol. He wants a Lego cake for his birthday.  Last year it was Transformers.  The year before that it was Bob the Builder.  And the year before that he wanted Elmo.  lol.  I have pics of every cake.  I will be sure and post this year's cake for everyone to see.  He is so excited.  He keeps asking me "how many more days unitl my party?"   I am so blessed.

I am going to start posting my calories again tomorrow.  It was so helpful to me before.  I have let life derail me for too long.  I am moving forward again. :)

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