Monday, June 14, 2010

More Meds...

My doctor's office called this morning.  She changed my metformin from 1500mg to 2000mg.  She also put me on Tricor for my triglycerides.  We were hoping that my weight loss had helped...but, my trigs were still high.  So, I am on this Tricor for one month to see if it will help.  I skipped weigh in this week.  I just feel fat and bloated.  Maybe another period is on it's way.  I had one in April and skipped May.  The one in April was the first in many many months.  Maybe this increase in Metformin will help regulate me more. 

Food today was good.  I didn't go over my budget.  I worked 5 hours today.  Pretty physical job all day.  Lots of rooms to clean today.  I have been drinking lots more water the last week or so.  I am trying to wean myself off diet coke.  I had 3 today.  That may sound like a lot...but, I am used to having 6 or 7 a day.  BAD HABIT! 

I hope everyone has a good night.

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