Friday, June 4, 2010

Food Log~ June 4, 2010

Today I ate:


Chewy Granola Bar 100

Wonder Stoneground 100% Whole Wheat Bread  360
Hannaford Beef Bologna  220
Kraft Deli Select White American Cheese  80
Kraft Miracle Whip  40


Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper Beef  300
Asparagus, Boiled  80
Corn 160

Midnight Snack

Kashi Island Vanilla     90
Wegmans Organic 2% Milk  130

 Calories: 1560

 I worked this morning.  Then after work...I got a long walk in...then I played catch with Joshua.  He is learning how to use a baseball glove.  We had lots of fun.  It was a great day. 

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