Sunday, June 20, 2010

Blog Award!

I got an award!  Thanks so much, Kim  You rock!  The first thing I have to do it to thank the person who gave it to me...Done!  The second part of this award is to write ten things that you love.
1.  God. He is my heavenly Father. 
2.  My son.  I am so blessed to have him.
3.  My husband.
4.  My parents.  I love and miss them so much.
5.  My sisters.   They are all so different from each other.  I am so proud of them.
6. My friends.  I don't have many...but, it's the quality...not the quantity that counts.
7. Sleeping late. I don't get to do it very often. lol
8. Fall...My favorite time of the year.
9. Clean clothes.  I love it when all of my laundry is done!  lol.
10. Homeschooling my son.  I am so lucky to be able to teach him.  He is so smart.

The third part is to pass this on to 10 other bloggers.

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I wanted to give this back to Kim...But, I didn't know if that was "allowed" or not.  SO...KIM...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

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