Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hello...I'm Not Dead.

Guess Who?  I have had one interesting year.  It has been over a year since I posted.  I am currently on a leave of absence from one of my jobs due to carpal tunnel surgery on both hands.  Just had the stitches taken out of the last one 2 days ago.  I have vertigo and my doctors can't find out why.  I have numbness in my feet and toes.  My memory is horrible.  My primary doctor seems to think that I may have MS.  But, the MRI showed no lesions.  Oh, and last Saturday night, I was walking down my stairs and failed to see my black cat... I stepped on her and ended up falling down the last 6 steps.  My ankle started to swell immediately.  So, DH took me to the ER.  I have a pulled ligament and am having to wear an aircast and use crutches.  I am a walking disaster.  lol.

Now, on the the weight side of things... I have been out of work for 2 months and have gained 7 lbs.  UGH!  It is so much harder to control my portions when I am home all day.  I am not currently following WW.  My weight loss started to stall.  So, I thought I could handle things on my own.  NOT!  I know some folks can... but, not me.  I need a plan to follow.  So, I am currently deciding how to go about getting myself on track again.  It will help so much when I go back to work.  Which is the first of May.  Of course being laid up in bed with my ankle isn't helping either.

So much for the pity party!  I am actually doing very well...considering.  My husband and I started a business.  (Like I need another job, lol).  We have a booth in the local flea market.  He is selling fishing rods and tackle and I am selling baby things.  I am having a blast!  I love all of the little clothes and shoes.  I sold a crib today. I love having the extra money that this brings.  Especially since I am not working at Walmart right now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!  And not to get too preachy, but... HE IS RISEN!  :)


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