Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still going DOWN!

My weigh in this week is 197.8.  That's a 1.2 lb. loss.  What am I doing differently?  I am paying attention to portion sizes, getting lots of walking in and tracking my points.  I am also allowing myself a weekly splurge.  I have 49 weekly points that I can use whenever I want during the week.  I have been using every one of them.  lol.  It works for me.  I am not losing too fast.  I feel that I am being consistent.  The only drawback that I have found so far is the extra belly skin.  UGH!  Now that my stomach doesn't look like I am about to give birth any minute... my skin is all bumpy and saggy.  Oh well... Maybe in time it will get better.  A girl can hope... can't she??

Oh, and I am also drinking lots more water.  It's all I am allowed to drink while I am working.  So, it started out as a sort of "have to" situation.  But, now I really like it.

Have a great day!

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