Monday, February 14, 2011

Weight Watchers etools

I have a bad habit where if I eat something that I think may be totally off the charts in points (or calories)...I tend to screw up  my whole eating plan for the rest of the day.  I think to myself..."well, I have already screwed today up.  I might as well eat this piece of candy.  Or I might as well eat anything I want now.  I know... BAD!  This is why I am FAT!  I rationalize with myself.  I am so trying to break that habit.

Well, weight watchers etools are coming in handy in that area.  I made some spanish rice with cheese, sour cream and salsa last night.  I was hungry and it was what was leftover in the fridge.  Anyway.... I thought to myself,  "this is going to be 15 points or more."  But, when I put it into my tracker... it was just 7 points.  Granted that was a lot of points at once.  But, I had the extra points to use.  I was amazed at the difference in  how many points I thought it was and how many it actually was.  That taught me a lesson.  Instead of just guessing at how many points things are and screwing up my plan for the day...I need to put EVERYTHING into my tracker.  It may be more than I think it is or it may be less.  But, I am no longer going to be guessing.  Or just using excuses so that I can eat whatever and how much I want.

I have a lot of rethinking and relearning to do about eating.  And about food in general.  As of right now... I am not in control of my eating.  I am taking baby steps one meal at a time.  But, I am learning with every step.  I am making mistakes and I am learning from them.  But, I am also making progress.  This is just a moment in a long journey ahead of me.  And I know that the journey doesn't end when I meet my goal.  It just continues in a different direction. 

Thanks to all of you who read my ramblings and post such encouraging comments.  I appreciate them so much!


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